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Do you want to programmatically use big data to strategically target your customer through a RTB exchange? Not sure what that means? Not to worry. The bottom line is that if you want more customers for every marketing dollar you spend, or you're wondering how to make your media more profitable, you’ve come to the right place.

Vantage Media Marketplaces is the self-service marketing platform that connects publishers with advertisers. It finds consumers on publisher sites and delivers high ROI on your advertising spend. At the same time, it provides unparalleled payouts for publishers. Everyone wins!

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How We Work Our Magic

We’ve already said we connect you with customers, and make you more money. But you might wonder how we achieve this. Here’s our secret: Watch out Patti Stanger - we’re really great at match-making. First, we work with engaging media to attract consumers. Then we use our big-name advertisers to engage them through either clicks, calls, or leads. Finally, we match the consumer with the right advertiser based on attributes the advertiser is looking for. Watch our video for a rundown of the whole process.

What Makes Vantage Media Different (and Better!)


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We make you more money

We're like a dating service. But instead of producing awkward first dates, we produce money. If you're an advertiser, we'll give you access to consumers who are planning to buy your product or service. If you're a publisher, we'll connect you with well-known advertisers who will engage your audience. Voila!

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we deliver more customers

We work with media that sees high traffic from consumers who are intending to buy our advertisers’ services. Then, we grab their attention - like a laser beam attracts a kitten. Except our laser beams are clicks, calls, or leads. And more engaged consumers translates into more customers - which means more money for both sides!

Easy as Pie

We make it Easy

Does your 11-year-old nephew put you to shame using a smartphone or tablet? You won't get that feeling when you're using our platform. In fact, our user-friendly layout makes it simple to log in and see how your marketing money is performing in real time.

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