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BrokersWeb is now the insurance marketplace of Vantage Media Marketplaces.

Vantage Media Insurance Marketplace

Yes, we’re the leaders in auto insurance. And, we’re also in other verticals. Our coverage includes health insurance, life insurance, Medicare, and homeowner’s insurance, too.

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We Engage Customers Who Intend To Buy

Like a Teenager At Forever 21

A 14-year-old is planning to buy a new outfit for the school dance this weekend. Visitors to our high-traffic media intend to buy your product or service. The 14-year-old is engaged with the store because it has just what she’s looking for - trendy clothes at a low price point. If you're an insurance advertiser, your targeted consumers are engaged with our media because it offers them what they’re looking for too - insurance policies. For publishers, you'll get the best value for every qualified visitor that comes to your website.


In One of Three Ways

Which Don't Include Puppets or Funny Hats

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Have a strong brand and dazzling website that's just begging to be seen by targeted consumers? Bid on our pre-filtered clicks to gain new traffic to your masterpiece. Our ads are designed to engage consumers, so they're more likely to click.

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If your inbound call center is adept at receiving a high volume of phone calls (since you’ll have so many consumers calling you), you can opt to receive calls from targeted consumers who we’ve matched with you, based on their attributes.

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Is your outbound call center getting discouraged following up on bad leads? Let us spice things up for them by weeding out the bad ones, and sending you contacts your sales reps will fight over (we can connect you with some health or life insurance providers as a precaution). This also results in better monetization for publishers.

And Separate the Consumers You Want, From Those You Don't


Your buyers are defined by certain attributes. Through a consumer interview, we determine which consumers fit your qualifications, and which ones don't.


  • Driver's age
  • 3-year driving record
  • If the driver is a homeowner
  • How the primary vehicle is used
  • If there are multiple drivers at an address
  • And more...

Are you looking for a male in Massachusetts who has a perfect driving record and is over the age of 35?

His name's Kelly.

auto insurance customer

To Make a Perfect Match


Search media


Kelly wants to buy auto insurance and does an online search. He clicks on a website like this one, which sees a lot of visitors with intent to purchase auto insurance.

Consumer interview


Kelly completes a consumer interview (he fills out an optimized form and answers questions about himself and what type of insurance he's looking for). This establishes what type of consumer he is.

Advertiser matches


Based on Kelly's answers in the interview, we match him with the appropriate insurance advertiser (you!).

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Bingo! We've connected you with the consumer you want, who you can now turn into a customer. Kelly is happy that he now has auto insurance! You and Kelly both win.

Through Different Types of Media


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We work with some of the most visited websites in insurance. Our publishers have the volume of traffic you need to get more customers.

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When a targeted consumer uses a search engine to find a service in the marketplace, we'll be sure your insurance brand ranks high - through both organic and paid listings.

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While your ideal consumer is stalking their ex on Facebook, we're targeting them with your insurance ads.

mobile phone


Mobile-ready advertising means you don't need to pull your targeted consumer from Candy Crush Saga to gain a new policyholder.

You Decide What You Pay, and How


Insurance bids


We'll help you determine how much you should bid, and for what attributes. We do this by analyzing conversion rates within different forms of media.

Reporting illustration


Real-time reporting presented in a user-friendly interface lets you understand the return on your market investment.

Protecting Eye


Our system actually filters against bad contact information, bots, and the like. Sorry Mr. MuffinMan at 123 Drury Lane, but you're out.

And we won't even lock you into a long-term contract! Talk about control.

Get Even More Customers with Vantage Media Services

Why settle for coffee when you can have an orange mocha frappuccino?

For insurance advertisers who want a full-service experience, we use our own Vantage Media Marketplaces and technologies to find the consumers you need and turn them into customers. Yes, we eat our own dog food.

Custom Targeting

Custom Leads

Tired of paying for consumers like 76-year-old Sam, who recently had cataract surgery and is looking for new auto insurance? Our leads are custom-made, so you pay only for the consumers you want. Like Chris, a 35-year-old with a perfect driving history.

Custom Pricing

Performance-Driven Pricing

A million impressions doesn't mean much if no one is converting to an actual student. That's where we come in. We know what will be most effective in targeting your future insurance customers. No, we're not psychic. But we do analyze conversion rates against various forms of media, so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Illustration of tools


We only make money if you do. That's why we take a grander approach to your marketing plan. We'll make specific recommendations to generate the best results, in the shortest amount of time. So whether you need SEO, SEM, SAOR, CPR, or AAA, we've got you covered (okay, maybe not the last two).

More about VM Services

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How Many Consumers Can You Handle?

Come on, it'll be fun. Like seeing how many people can squeeze into a VW bug. We're up for the challenge - are you?

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